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Clinical Microbiomics

If you are an expert in microbiome analysis, do not miss the chance to join Clinical Microbiomics A/S!

Clinical Microbiomics A/S

Clinical Microbiomics A/S is a dynamic and fast-growing organization headquartered in central Copenhagen offering tailored state-of-the-art microbiome analysis for pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Clinical Microbiomics A/S offer advanced microbiome analysis, ranging from pilot projects to major cohort studies with thousands of samples, 16S profiling, de-novo metagenomic characterization, simple group comparisons to ultra-high-resolution phylogeny-based statistics, integrative systems biology, and machine learning. We are a fast-growing company which services a broad spectrum of clients from the biopharma- and nutritional supplement industry as well as academia worldwide.

Who Are The Team Behind Clinical Microbiomics A/S

The team is a diverse and devoted specialist inspired by the huge potential of microbiome R&D as well as product development for improving human health. We work in close collaboration with our clients to maximize the value of their pre-clinical or clinical studies. We value our employees and foster an environment where its acceptable to prioritizing team activities building both friendships and strong professional bonds. We are working in an international environment that is supported by the team structure of various nationalities. Taken together this the spirit of Clinical Microbiomics A/S which enables an innovative, inspiring, and fun place to work.

Our team of microbiome specialists comes from diverse scientific backgrounds, including bioinformatics, microbiology, antibiotic resistance, machine learning, cancer genomics, and pre-clinical and clinical studies. This enables us to serve clients from diverse research areas, including academic institutions, biopharma- and nutritional companies involved in developing novel microbiome-targeted or microbiome-based products.


Clinical Microbiomics